Lab alumni (THesis & Current Position)

Do-Joon Yi, Ph.D.

Dojoon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology.  He received his B.A. and M.A. from Yonsei University (advisor: Prof. Min-Shik Kim) and Ph.D. from Yale University (advisor: Prof. Marvin M. Chun).  Before attending Yale, he studied two years at Vanderbilt University. Prior to his current appointment, Dojoon worked as a postdoctoral research associate at Yale University and a BK21 postdoctoral fellow at Yonsei University.  He received the 2008 Yonsei Research Award and 2011 Yonsei Teaching Award.  He is teaching Cognitive Affective and Social Neuroscience, Biological Psychology, Perception, Experimental Psychology, and Neuroimaging.  He is currently serving as an Associate Dean at the Office of Admissions.

Hyojeong Kim

The first Ph.D. student in our lab. Hyojeong investigates the behavioral and neural correlates of intention and action in social context. She received her M.A. from our lab in 2012. In her thesis, she showed how the sense of agency is represented in human extrastriate cortex.  Hyojeong has an artistic sense of stimulus design and visual presentation.  She was an recent recipient of a Travel Award for the 2014 Annual Meeting of Korean Society for Cognitive and Biological Psychology.

Seok Hwan Ahn

        Redundancy effects of distractors with different onset time

Jaeyoon Lee

        What others think of me: Self-referential processing in the posterior cingulate cortex

Ji Young Lee

        Dilution and redundancy effects on Stroop interference

Young Jin Nahm

        The effects of experience and perceptual fluency on familiarity

Juyoun Jung

        The effects of categorical relationship between memory items on hippocampal activation

        in a long-term association task

        Cancer Care Research Team, SNU College of Medicine

Yoolim Hong

        Forgetting the unforgettable: Opposite effects of item vs. associative strength on

        intentional forgetting

        Graduate student, Department of Psychology, Ohio State University

Jeongho Park

        Motor capability enhances visual sensitivity in the extrapersonal space

        Graduate student, Department of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University

Hyojung Kim

        Who did what?: The interaction between tool affordance and the sense of agency

        in the Extrastriate Body Area

Sunjung Byun

        Attentional allocation in global-local processing and negative compatibility effect

Jihyun Cha

        (thesis advised by Prof. Min-Shik Kim)

        Graduate student, Department of Psychology, Washington University

Hongmi Lee

        The effects of stimulus novelty and familiarity on source memory

        Graduate student, Department of Psychology, New York University

Jueyoung Mok

        How does self-referential encoding influence recollection and familiarity?

        Graduate student, Martin School, University of Kentucky

Jeehyang Rhim

        The effects of perceptual load and category-specific dilution on visual search

Heekyung Bae

        Experience-dependent psychological distance in a distance Stroop task

        Research associate, KIST

Ghootae Kim

        The effects of perceptual ambiguity on repetition priming direction

        Graduate student, Department of Psychology, Princeton University

Jieun Lee

       (thesis advised by Prof. Chan Sup Chung)

        UX Unit, Daum Communications

Hyunji Kim

        Effects of psychological distance on social decision making

        Graduate student, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Jin-gi ‘Arcy’ Kong

        Contextual effects on scene memory distortion

        CEO, SST Inc..

Kyungmi Kim

        (thesis advised by Prof. Ki-Hak Lee)

        What makes repressors good suppressors?: The effect of trait anxiety

        Graduate student, Department of Psychology, Yale University

Graduate students

Yeonjin Park

Yeonjin is a 2nd year student.  She has a B.A. in Psychology and Education.  She has worked on the core lab projects such as ‘self-related functional connectivity in the midline cortical structures’ and ‘perceptual load effects on cognitive control.’

Kyeong Jin Tark, Ph.D.

Kyeongjin is a BK21 postdoctoral fellow. She achieved her Ph.D. from New York University 2013 (advisor: Prof. Clay Curtis). Using fMRI, she investigated how the human frontal eye field maintains “off the map” space. One of her earlier works has been published in Nature Neuroscience.

Yoonjung Lee

Yoonjung is a 1st year student. She has a B.A. in Public Administration and Economics. 

She is interested in neuroscientific approach to choice and temporal discounting. She also has an interest in attention and cognitive control.